The Startes

Our appetizers are the favorite starting point of those who love to wander around the flavors of the sea.

Raw Fish

A tasting of raw fish and shellfish

€ 24

Raw fish and shellfish

€ 32

Minced raw fish

€ 17

Raw oysters from Tatihou

€ 4 each

Mixed seafood served cold

€ 24

A majestic triumph of raw fish and shellfish

€ 70
a persona

€ 70 (a persona)

Cooked Fish

Leek and mantis shrimp roll

€ 14

Char-grilled mackerel, carrot and spinach

€ 17

Steamed catch of the day

€ 18

À-la-carte catch of the day

€ 18

The First Courses

All the freshness of the sea in a dish whose taste knows no boundaries.

Creamy seafood risotto
(minimum 2 people)

Creamy seafood risotto (minimum 2 people)

€ 34

Short pasta with fresh tuna, capers, olives and cherry tomatoes

€ 17

Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, chilli pepper, melted pecorino cheese and tartare of red shrimp from the Adriatic Sea

€ 20

Egg noodles with shelled clams and baby squid

€ 18

Fresh filled pasta with mantis shrimp and crab

€ 20

Egg noodles with our catch of the day

€ 18

The Second Courses

Unique flavors that evoke the essence and freshness of the sea.

Pan-seared catch of the day

€ 30

Yellowfin tuna steak

€ 22

Char-grilled catch of the day

€ 7/9 hg

Oven-roasted catch of the day

€ 7/9 hg

Prawns cooked with salt

€ 10 hg

Skewers with seafood from the Adriatic Sea

€ 20

Deep fried mixed seafood without bones

€ 9 hg

Deep fried calamari and prawns

€ 9 hg

Deep fried mixed seafood

€ 8 hg

The Alternatives

Our alternative options for those who love to look at the sea from afar, enjoying the treasures of the land.

Flat egg noodles with knife-minced meat sauce

€ 12

Florentine steak from Marche or Romagna

€ 6 hg

Lamb ribs

€ 6,50 hg

Boneless pork ribs

€ 6,50 hg


Protagonists on the table, perfect for every occasion.

Oven-roasted potatoes with taggiasca olives and cherry tomatoes

€ 7

Grilled vegetables

€ 7

Seasonal vegetables

€ 7

Mixed salad

€ 7

The Desserts

Our desserts are the successful completion of an excellent meal, to end it with a touch of sweetness.

Warm chocolate lava cake

€ 7

Yoghurt mousse with chocolate

€ 7

Pannacotta with persimmon reduction

€ 7

Mascarpone cheese mousse with cacao and lemon ice-cream

€ 7

Custard with orange and star anise

€ 7

Coffee with whipped cream and cacao

€ 6

Whipped ice-cream

€ 4

Fresh fruit

€ 5

Chiuso per Ferie

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